It’s not every day that you get to work in an industry that’s breaking boundaries, destigmatizing perceptions, and creating a global impact. Welcome to a day in my life at the Altius Dispensary, a central hub in the cannabis culture where we not only sell marijuana and recreational weed in Grayslake, IL, Round Lake Beach, IL, Pleasant Prairie, WI, Mundelein, IL, Antioch, IL & Lake Villa, IL but also educate our customers about its holistic uses.

Morning at the Cannabis Store

My day at the Altius Dispensary starts with the soft glow of morning light filtering through the telltale green signage at our store. Handling our stock is part of my daily routine. As an employee at Altius, I find it rewarding to interact with our varied range of products, helping to connect our customers with the recreational weed, medicinal cannabis, and hemp-based products that suit their needs and preferences.

Afternoons are all about customer service. Just like a wine connoisseur, we explore the complexities and varied palette of each strain – the balance of THC and CBD, the subtle aromas, flavors, and even the anticipated effects. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we aim to guide our customers through our vast product offering, aligning our suggestions with their personal preferences and needs.

Evening at the Marijuana Dispensary

As the sun sets, the pace at the dispensary changes. The evening greets us with enthusiasts, seasoned users, and cannabis connoisseurs. At Altius, we wear many hats, from store handlers to educators – and it’s during these interactions that our work becomes most rewarding. The shift towards evening also means getting ready for home deliveries, ensuring a seamless and convenient service for our customers.

A day at the Altius dispensary is full of learning, interaction, and playing a part in changing the global perception about cannabis. As employees, we’re not just selling pot or working at the counter of a recreational weed shop. We are pioneers, shaping the future of the cannabis industry.