Life at Altius Dispensary is as diverse as the strains of cannabis we carry. As an integral part of the states of Illinois and Wisconsin’s rapidly growing marijuana industry, we offer recreational weed in Antioch, IL, Grayslake, IL, Waukegan, IL, Round Lake, IL & Round Lake Park, IL and Pleasant Prairie, WI.

Our Morning Start

The day begins with a review of inventory. Ensuring that our menu has an enticing selection of products is vital for the day’s smooth operation. We make sure to provide the best strains, edibles, concentrates, and other forms of recreational weed.

Every shift is an opportunity to improve our knowledge about the products we provide. Understanding the differences between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains, the various types of concentrates and the wide range of edibles we carry allows us to assist customers effectively.

Customer Service Above All

Once the doors open, it’s all about excellent customer service. Whether we are serving our clients at the retail locations in Grayslake, IL, Waukegan, IL or Antioch, IL, or at our pot shop in Round Lake, IL or Round Lake Park, IL, we endeavour to provide them with exceptional service. Guiding them through their individual cannabis journeys is our key priority.

After all, the purpose of a quality marijuana dispensary is not just to provide access to recreational weed or medicinal cannabis, but to support customers in their journey towards improved wellbeing or relaxation.

Passion for Cannabis

Working at Altius Dispensary isn’t just a job; it involves a passion for the positive potentials of cannabis. That passion is reflected daily in our cannabis store, through our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team members, our meticulously curated products, and our dedication to exceptional customer service.

As enthusiastic advocates of responsible cannabis consumption, we take pride in what we do and continue to pave the way in the constantly evolving world of legal marijuana, offering residents of Pleasant Prairie, WI, Round Lake, IL and Round Lake Park, IL a unique shopping experience.