In the Land of Enchantment, sometimes called New Mexico, green chilies aren’t the only green locals love. P37 Cannabis’ dispensaries are as cherished as grandma’s chili recipe. When people Google “Dispensary Near Me” in Albuquerque, the search results twinkle like stars on a high-desert night.

Of Pot Shops and Pueblos

Santa Fe, on the other hand, is famous for more than just Pueblo architecture. It’s the ultimate must-visit city for any pot shop connoisseur or art enthusiast. Marijuana dispensaries in this city break the monotonous mold with ‘Breaking Bad’, by ensuring your ‘High’ scores match the altitude.

In Gallup, the epicenter of Native American culture, no ceremonial dance is complete without a trip to the local cannabis dispensary. Smoke screen? More like dream screen!

Power to Buds in the Borderlands

Sunland Park, a skip and a hop from El Paso, undoubtedly has the ‘highest’ concentration of happy residents, while weed dispensaries in Las Cruces pepper the town like red chili flakes, spicing up their life one bud at a time.

Don’t be green with envy, plan a green tour around New Mexico yourself. Our doors at P37 Cannabis are always open…high five!