Working at a Pleasantrees dispensary isn’t about merely selling products, it’s about creating an elevated experience for our customers. Walking into our welcoming, tastefully designed dispensaries, you’re aware of the commitment that goes into making each customer’s visit memorable.

Morning Shift and Customer Interaction

Regular mornings begin with routine inventory checks, to ensure that our shelves are stocked up with a wide variety of top-quality cannabis products. After the administrative work is done, we open our doors to eager customers. As soon as someone walks into our dispensaries, my primary goal is ensuring they feel comfortable, guided, and heard.

From first-time users looking for a ‘Dispensary near Me’ on Google to seasoned cannabis aficionados, our consumers come from varied backgrounds and locations. We have both local customers and those who travel from far off places such as Taylor, MI, Oak Park, MI, St. Clair Shores, MI, Houghton Lake, MI, and even Wyandotte, MI.

Marijuana Dispensary or Wellness Centre?

As an employee at Pleasantrees, I ‘m always ready to answer questions and educate customers on our offerings. We don’t run just a Marijuana Dispensary; we consider ourselves a wellness center, where knowledge exchange is paramount.

As an example, we often have customers from Roscommon Township, MI, who are seeking ways to manage chronic pain or anxiety with Medical Cannabis. We then take them through our range of medical strains, edibles, tinctures, and other products and help them find the line of treatment that would be most effective for their specific needs.

An Evening at Pleasantrees

Evenings bring a new kind of vibe to our Cannabis Dispensary. This is the time when recreational cannabis users come in, often looking for something to help them unwind or enhance their evening activity.

Whether it’s understanding their preferences, introducing them to new strains, or suggesting appropriate cannabis derivatives, ensuring each of these patrons get precisely what they need makes every day at Pleasantrees rewarding.

The journey of working at a Pleasantrees Dispensary is marked with constant learning, plenty of problem-solving, and countless rewarding interactions. With the aim of spreading awareness about cannabis and its uses, a typical day revolves around education, engagement, and elevation for everyone.