Uncle Ike’s Central District, established in Seattle, WA, is a premier cannabis dispensary that not only values the cannabis passion but also strives for customer satisfaction. Serving both Seattle and Lake City, Uncle Ike’s has grown considerably and has carved a name for itself in the competitive world of cannabis delivery and services.

Leading the Cannabis Dispensary Scene

As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, Uncle Ike’s Central District has prioritized the delivery of high-quality and wide-range cannabis products. The company harbors a dedication to education, ensuring that both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers can find the resources, community and products that best fit them. Our highly knowledgeable staff ensures superior personalized service for every customer, aiming for transparency, respect and clear communication.

An Unmatched Experience

The brand’s locations cater to Seattle, WA and Lake City, WA, providing an unparalleled cannabis shopping experience. Uncle Ike’s Central District continues to raise the bar for cannabis dispensaries, set on improving and innovating in this burgeoning industry.