In the bustling city of Las Cruces, a unique journey has taken place, a journey from seed to shop that revolves around a special cultivar – cannabis. Our company, though, not just any entity, is the heart and soul of P37 Cannabis. Our story is as unique as the plant we cultivate.

A Seed Sown With Passion

Once upon a time, an idea was sown. A concept of launching not just a cannabis outlet, but a platform that supports wellbeing, rejoices in its community, and respects Mother Nature’s bounty. The dream was inspiring but the road ahead challenging.

We believed in nurturing this idea with care and commitment, combining traditional wisdom with modern cultivation practices. We connected with our roots, with the passionate cannabis farmers of Las Cruces, who poured their soul into each seed, transforming it into a flourishing plant.

Our Green-Thumbed Triumph

Today, P37 Cannabis stands tall in Las Cruces as a testament of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief. Ours is a story of dreams nurtured in the fertile soils of dedication and delivered in the form of the highest quality cannabis for our customers.

At P37, we don’t just sell cannabis. We are a part of a transformative journey, from seed to shop.